About us


XDUOO is a professional HIFI audio brand that integrates product development, manufacturing and sales. The brand has advanced production equipment, high-quality management personnel and electro-acoustic professional technical engineers. We take "sound quality, we will never compromise" as our mission, and "let more people hear good music" as our goal, vigorously hold high the flag of quality and service, pioneering and innovative.

Our products include: HiFi decoder, amplifier, portable earphone



Our company is located in China and was founded in 2011. Our team is made up of a group of audiophiles and our products are very popular in the audio community in China and we have a large fan base.

Company History

  • In1990, the founder, Lao Xu, focused on dual-range speakers
  • In 2011, launched the titanium film tweeter with silk-folded ring
  • In 2012-2018, opened a network sales channel
  • In 2019, the creation of XDUOO laboratory.
  • In 2021, XDUOO integrated offline and online channels to create the full think audio brand. 



Abandon the appearance of fancy, return to the sound itself, and strive to make a better sound quality effect at the same price, so that users only need to pay for the sound quality, and uphold the business philosophy of ear receipt.



All products manufacturer-Direct, free lifetime technical support, and 18-month manufacturer's warranty.


All products free shipping, and all shipping can be tracked.


Contact us

Customer service email: shopify@xduooaudio.com
Technical support email: shopify@xduooaudio.com

Office website: www.xduooaudio.com

Address: 1510, Building F, Mingyue Huadu, Gonghe Industrial Road, Xixiang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

"Sound quality, we will never compromise", all want to develop, manufacture better products, provide better service, and music lovers to share the beauty of music sound!