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FX-AUDIO- BOX02 Phono Preamp MM MC RIAA Gain Adjustable HiFi Audio Pre-Amp for Phonograph Turntable Preamp

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  • Both MM and MC vinyl record turntables can be used. It has two functions: to equalize the RIAA equalization curve, and to amplify the output level of MM/ MC to achieve the function of signal amplification, and supply to the player. It can be gain setting, captance and impedance setting by yourself.

  • The gain switch and MM/MC setting is at the bottom. Switch 1 indicates MC mode and Switch 1 off indicates MM mode. Switch 2 and 3 on at the same time means the left and right channels are increased by 6dB in high gain mode, while Switch 2 and 3 off indicate low gain mode

  • Captance and impedance is chooseale. Switch 1/2/3 on indicates corresponding captance 51R/ 910R/ 1K. Switch 4/ 5/ 6 on indicates corresponding impedance 240PF/ 120PF/ 100PF. If you are not familiar with the setting of capacitive reactance and impedance, turn off all captance and impedance. (Recommended for MC cartridge.)

  • It has RCA input and output which can be connected to vinyl record turntable which are without built-in preamplifier as input. The GND terminal connecting the ground wire of the phonograph

  • The turntable uses high quality low noise and low distortion op amp chip NJM2068 and TL071, adopts aluminum alloy metal oxidation sandblast shell, internal high-quality positive and negative power circuit design which can filter interference, improve sound quality and reduce noise, high precision low noise metal film resistor, black gold sinking craft PCB board which has good impact resistance, moisture resistance and high temperature resistance


  • Model: BOX02

  • Product Name: Phono Preamp

  • Chipset: NJM2068+TL071

  • level Out: 310mVrms

  • Interface Input: PHONO(MM/MC)

  • Interface Output: RCA

  • THD: 0.8%

  • SNR : -76dB

  • Power Supply DC: 12V 1A

  • Color: Silver

  • Unit Size: 130x 100 x 35mm

Package List:

  • 1 * BOX02 Phono Preamp

  • 1 * DC 12V 1A Power Supply

  • 1 * RCA Cable

  • 1 * User Manual