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FX-AUDIO- TUBE-06MKII Tube DAC Preamplifier 6N3 Pre Amplifier Subwoofer Preamp with Bass Treble

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  • This stereo preamp can filter out the digital sound of common audio sources. This preamp uses 6N3 vacuum tubes. The tubes have a softer listening experience, with Hi-Fi sound effects and high performance.

  • This preamp has independent bass and treble volume control. You can adjust the sound effects according to your preference to achieve the most suitable sound effect for your home audio system. Turn left to decrease the volume, and turn right to increase the volume.

  • When the output signal of some audio sources is insufficient, or the input sensitivity of the active speaker or power amplifier is too low, the entire audio system can not give full play.

  • This preamplifier can filter out the digital sound of common audio sources and make music more soft and sweet. With op-amp + tube buffer design, the music taste is richer.


  • Model: TUBE-06MKII

  • TUBE: 6N3

  • Chipset: STM8S MCU+ES9018K2M+CM6642+double op amp NE5532/OPA2134

  • Sampling Rate: 24Bit/192kHz

  • RMS level Output: 3Vrms

  • THD: 0.02%

  • SNR: 110dB

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Input: USB+OPT+AUX

  • Output: RCA+Subwoofer

  • Power Supply: 12V 2A

  • Color: Black/Silver

Package Include:

  • 1 * TUBE-06MKII Tube DAC Preamplifier

  • 2 * 6N3 Tubes

  • 1 * PC-USB Cable

  • 1 * DC 12V 2A Power Adapter

  • 1 * RCA Cable

  • 1 * User Manual