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xDuoo MT-604 Balanced Headphone Amplifier with Four 6J1 Preamp Tube Transistor Hybrid Amplifier

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  • MT-604 is a small balanced tube headphone amplifier. lt adopts four 6J1 tubes for pre-amp with warm timbre, the post-amp is adopted high-quality transistors for class A buffer, which can easily drive various low-impedance headphones and greatly enhance the sound field dynamics.

  • The coupling capacitance applies Japanese Nichicon for high-end audio creating a clear, sweet sound. The combination of the tubes and transistor brings up the sweet note of the former and the sense of speed of the latter, fully integrating the advantages and charms of both.

  • As it adopts transistors for class A buffer, with strong output power up to 1300mW, it can easily drive many kinds of headphones. Moreover, designed with palm-size (17*10*6cm), it’s easy to carry everywhere for a real-time HiFi music experience

  • MT-604 has XLR and 4.4mm balanced input, rich and diverse interfaces, suitable for many kinds of balanced headphones. This unit is designed to adjust the volume of the left and right channels separately to reject the sound best problem.

  • MT-604 owns the built-in relay for the mute circuit when turn on the amplifier to avoid POP noise, besides, following the modern minimalism design, it’s crafted with sand-blast textured panel and hard aluminum alloy shell that can also resist external interference effectively, which can make sure the tube to work at its best condition.


  • Model: MT-604

  • Power Source: DC12V/2A

  • Output Power: 2000mW(1KHz,32ohm load)

  • Frequency Range: 10Hz~60KHz(士0.5dB)

  • Gain:+15dB

  • THD+N:0.1% (1KHz@32ohmload)

  • S/N: 115dB

  • Suitable Earphone lmpedance: 16~600ohm

  • Size:170*100*60mm

  • Weight: 0.55KG

Package List:

  • 1 * MT-604 Tube Headphone Amplifier

  • 1 * 12V Power Supply

  • 1 * User's Manual

  • 1 * Warranty Card