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XDuoo TA-20 Tube Headphone Amplifier High-Performance 12AU7 Tube XLR LCD Display 2000mW

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  • Professional &rich audio interfaces: Can connect with all kinds of professional audio equipment. A variety of input interfaces to make our match more abundant. Can be used as an amp or separately or with other equipment to form a balanced HIFI system.

  • Two sets of AUX input interfaces: Greatly enhance the front-end input signal quality of CD, turntable, Easy to connect CD players and other multimedia players, Two groups of single-ended input can also be converted the existing player's sound quality. Can choose the input signal through the professional volume knob encoder. Switching the playback device more easily.

  • Balanced signal input interface: Perfect experience of high-quality music. High-end decoder or CD machine input signal through the four-core balanced interface input signal, So that the separation, resolution, sound field, background purity of music can be greatly enhanced, Let you enjoy the pure sound of perfection.

  • Pure balance the analog flavor: Clever combination of Tube and Transistor. From the input to the output, all using balanced transmission mode, the balanced output can vibrate the headphones diaphragm better, So to greatly enhance the music sound field dynamics, and get more pure musical instruments sound and wonderful vocal performance.

  • Classic tube 12AU7: As a preamplifier, it makes the vocal sound more vivid, and shows the natural details of the breathing, while the back-end class A expansion of the transistor to effectively provide a high voltage power supply of +/- 15V, making a strong reserve power, you can easily drive 8-600 ohms, high resistance or low resistance headphones.

  • Customized capacitance: Sound crystal/sweet/supple sound. Customized metalized polyester capacitors. Electron tube 12AU7 as the output capacitance, Japan ELNA SILMC II.Professional capacitors as coupling capacitors. A variety of HIFI capacitors bring gorgeous high-frequency Warm and beautiful feeling

  • Exquisite appearance: Strong and durable/anti-interference ability. The XDUOO TA-20 shell is made of aluminum alloy, effectively reducing the faulty signal. Removable aluminum alloy tube guardrail effectively protects the tube from accidental damage.

  • Size of A5 Paper: Can take full advantage of effective space, saves desktop space, easy with the computer, notebook with the formation of PCHIFI system.


  • Model: TA-20

  • Power supply:External electricity (AC100-240V)

  • USB sample rate support :16-24Bit, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz, 192KH

  • Output Power: 2000mW (32Ω load)

  • Gain: +18 dB

  • Distortion: ≤0.01% (1KHz)

  • Crosstalk:110dB

  • Impedance: 6Ω ~ 800Ω

  • Size: 105mm x 23mm x 12mm

Package Include:

  • 1 * TA-20 Headphone Amplifier

  • 1 * Power Cord

  • 1 * 3.5 to 6.5 Converter

  • 1 * Manual

  • 1 * Warranty Card