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xDuoo XQ-50S DAC Bluetooth 5.1 QCC3031 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Converter

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  • XQ-50S is a HIFI Bluetooth audio receiver converter that adopts the new QCC3031 Bluetooth receiver chip made by Qualcomm company and can support the Bluetooth 5.1 with low power consumption to ensure the stabler and faster transmission.

  • lt has high-quality coaxial,optical,AUX output. It can be connected regardless of whether your amplifier has a decoding function so that your amplifier/speaker can be turned into a wireless product, and you can also enjoy HIFl sound through Bluetooth.

  • The device also contains the RCA analog circuit output function. The high-performance ES9018K2M DAC is used internally as the decoder chip to transform Bluetooth signal into an analog signal and then provide it to power amplifier-loudspeaker or Bluetooth speaker which can immediately change the power amplifier-loudspeaker or speaker into wireless power amplifier-loudspeaker or Bluetooth speaker.


1. Adopt the QCC3031 Bluetooth chip made by Qualcomm company, support Bluetooth 5.1 which can ensure the faster and stabler transmission;
2. Adopt the high-performance ES9018K2M DAC decoder chip, which can ensure high S/N and very low distortion;
3. Support the high-definition format of aptX;
4. Can support PC USB DAC, and can be used immediately after it is plugged; Have high-quality optical fiber and coaxial digital output interface;
5. Have high-quality RCA analog circuit output interface;
6. Can be connected with two devices at the same time; Compatible with Android and IOS devices;
7. The external high-gain Bluetooth antenna is used to ensure lossless and stable signal transmission.


  • Model: XQ-50S

  • Bluetooth version: 5.1

  • Support formats: SBC,AAC, aptX,aptX-HD

  • The maximum communication range is around 10 meters

  • THD+N:

  • Optical : 0.00087%

  • Coaxial output: 0.00087%

  • AUX OUT : 0.07%

  • Output level:

  • Optical output: 0.5Vp-p

  • Coaxial output: 0.5Vp-p

  • AUX OUT: 2V

  • AUX S/N : 114dB

  • Power input: DC 5V/1A

  • Size:105x76x34mm

  • Weight: 165g

Package List:

  • 1 * XQ-50S Bluetooth Audio Receiver Converter

  • 1 * Type-C Cable

  • 1 * Bluetooth Antenna

  • 1 * Manual*1